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We Care

We Seek To Encourage And Enhance One's Life Outdoors, At Any Age, In Any Season.

We believe that every dollar you spend is a vote for something. We believe in fair manufacturing practices, quality products, and caring for our planet and each other.

Clear Water Outdoor is a family run business. We believe in supporting our community through charitable giving including: product donation, in-store space usage, staff volunteer hours, and gift certificates. We sponsor many events throughout the year that get people of all ages and all abilities active and outdoors. We even have some fun ourselves...trying out new sports slacklining and stand up paddling. Local paddlers, backpacking buffs, walking enthusiasts and runners can hang out with us regularly at casual club gatherings.

On The Following Pages We've Posted Some Great Groups You May Be Interested In Learning More About.

At Clear Water Outdoor, we believe that promoting an active outdoor lifestyle can change the world. It is through our relationship with nature that we appreciate our existence on a finite planet. We seek to encourage and enhance one’s life outdoors at any age, and in any season. We believe in quality products designed specifically to give the best performance, comfort, and style. We believe in thinking globally and acting locally. We support national charities and our local community to promote active lifestyles and encourage environmental kindness. We support fair trade, fair labor, and sustainable manufacturing. We believe our lives and actions influence everything around us like a drop of water affects the whole. We believe retail can be a powerful instrument of change.