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"All great products and expert staff" - ... "Phenomenal people, knowledge, and a great all round fun time" - ... "This is an AWESOME shop!" - ... "Family friendly with so many options" - ... "I love this place" - ... "They make the kayaking experience safe and so much fun"


Hello Meaghan and BK. I received my Capilene bottoms yesterday. I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived. I thank you for your excellent customer service - replacing the missing product with one that was a little more expensive and then shipping it 2 day so I'd get it right away. Best of all, you did this with a friendly sense of humor which is so rare these days. I am so impressed with Clear Water Outdoor and would not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone. Take care and stay warm!
- Alexandra

Hello Clear Water team! Thank you for the boots from Salomon, they are awesome. Shipping was fast, packaging exceptional, and they also fit me...
Thank you Sarah Schuster for a lovely note inserted. I work as a location sound mixer in Toronto and area, and it gets cold while working on my feet all day. My old Sorels (21 years, with proper care for the leather, and 2nd version of liners) weren't cutting it lately. These Salomons have just been tested for 2 days in -17C and -21C (1.4F and -5.8F to be exact), and what a pleasure. And they are so light!
Thank you for pleasurable shopping experience, and for the radiance of joy from everyone involved on your side! I will be recommending you, no questions. All the best with business, and all your side projects.
Cheers, Thomas

Dear Dept. of Awesomeness, Just wanted to say thank you for the superb jacket at an awesome price! Special thanks for the quick ship as well!
-Cheers, Steve

HI! I got my jacket and I DO love it! I run my own small local business and am TOTALLY inspired by the experience of shopping from you from BEGINNING TO END! REALLY! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute little notes in the box and the email to be on the lookout. I've printed it and am presenting it to my team in our next meeting. With Gratitude, One intelligent, outdoorsy, good looking and wonderful customer!

I would like to compliment ClearWater Outdoor. I ordered a pair of pants from you on Sunday and received them today. On my receipt was a personalized note from Nate about my purchase. That was the nicest surprise I have had with an online purchase. I have now bookmarked your site and have become a lifelong customer. Thank you for taking the time to take the "extra" step.
- Shannon Peters

I love your customer service. BK wrote a nice message on the receipt paper that arrived with the Sherpa Namgyal jacket I ordered. Makes it feel personal and a great way to connect with your customers. Keep up the great work!
Clear Water was great to work with. I called and got an actual person, who was friendly and knowledgeable and happy to take my return. It feels like a small-town store, which is rather refreshing. Your level of customer service is amazing!!! I couldn't believe you actually called me to follow up and the note you wrote on my order form was so nice! I can't remember the last time I got such personal attention from a company, actually I don't think I ever have! I'm very impressed!!
Thanks, Tai

Thank you for the Bandita Convertible 32's I received a couple of days ago. I LOVE them and they fit perfectly. I will certainly use your company again and recommend you to everyone who would use your products, You people are great!!
Sheila Carrassi -- Next Week In Africa!

I got the Carve bottom I ordered and your note. I appreciated hearing that you are a small business and will try to buy from you. My husband and I have a small law firm, so we understand. When our daughter was small, we used to go to the local coffee shop. I'd get coffee, she'd get a bagel and we'd go watch the "dodas" (trains). Then St#rbu#ks came to town and we still used the local place and I was able to teach her about the importance of local businesses, a lesson she carries with her still. So, good luck to you!

Thanks for the great service! Love my new Atom LT Hoody...

Have to say I am ecstatic with my purchase of the OR Trio. Already have taken a couple walks and it is exactly what I was hoping to get. With a bit of layering it is exceptionally warm, but super lightweight and extremely comfortable.
- Doug

Wow! Outstanding customer service!! Never expected to receive my item yesterday! Thanks for your quick service!
- Beth

Hi, just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful service all the way out here in Hawaii. Really appreciate how friendly everyone was over the phone and hope to order from you guys in the future.
All The Best, Neal

I just wanted to thank you for being so prompt and so personal with the shipment of my Vibram Five Fingers. I can't believe how fast they got here. And with free shipping it was way better than driving around San Antonio trying to find my size. Also, I think the handwritten message on the invoice and the notes about the history and mission of the company was a nice touch, and a breath of fresh air. Too many bad order experience with the big companies lately, so it's nice to know that smaller businesses CAN do it better :) I've been wanting these shoes forever, and I was so excited that I made the attached picture my profile pic on Facebook. Thanks again!
- Tracey

BK, Thanks for the personal message on my shipping order. My wife and I thought it was a really nice touch. As for the eagles, the D is looking real good, but the offense needs to quit giving that ball away! Nine turnovers in two games! Ridiculous! I'll take that 2-0 record though. Go Eagles! Oh yeah, the chako flips are great!
- Charles

My wife and I were in your store while we spent our first time at Lake Geneva. The town is just a gem; virtually everyone we ran into was friendly and seemed to enjoy living in the area. We had greats meals at Simple, bought some nice antiques at the store on the corner and loved shopping at your store. As much as I travel and do serious hiking and outdoor stuff, I’ve been to so many large towns with the chain stores and also smaller outfitting shops and was impressed by how well stocked your store is, the quality of gear and the service given by your staff. My wife, not really a “let’s spend the week in a tent” type person, came away from the store after talking to Brian and Sean and was so ramped up I thought she had finally gotten over her aversion to not having a true bathroom out in the wild. She’s even agreed to doing a two-dayer near us at our Hoosier National Forest. So, what I hadn’t been able to do over the last 41 years of marriage you guys did within an hour! I’ve ordered the NRS bag and will use it to store my 20 year old Gregory backpack as we head out for another week in the Grand Canyon. In the meantime, I’ll be scouring your catalogue for more gear and look forward to stopping by again as we visit the area. Thanks again for making our trip so successful, Hail Purdue!
- David Tate

Dear CWO Staff, Last week my husband and I stopped in your store as we were browsing the streets of LakeGeneva - what a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a store like yours! Your staff is INCREDIBLY helpful, and your inventory is amazing! I slept on a few items I needed to think over, and boy am I glad I did! I came back the next day and had SO much fun purchasing some new summer wear from the HornyToad line for myself! Your store is one I will definitely return to whenever we get back in to town, and has now become one of my favorites for sure! So glad I can shop online too!
- Sincerely, Rachel DV

Hi ClearWater Outdoor! I bought a Mooloolaba hoodie from you in April. I love the product but I really loved the hand written note of appreciation on the accompanying statement!! Well done!!!!
- Carole Beaulieu

Hi guys! I've received your order and I am happy to have these hiking boots.There are very comfortable and my feet are feeling great.I live on Cape Cod witch is not so close to Lake Geneva ,but if some day I decided to go to Lake Geneva I will stop by and say Hi:) Wish you all the best!!!

My fiance and I have been shopping at CWO for several years. We always pleased with the selection of clothing and tech gear in the store. More importantly your staff is always very friendly and enjoyable to share stories of our adventures with. Keep up the great work.
- Jamison Stachel

The jacket came today and it is fantastic! It is exactly what I was looking for and fits perfectly. I will be wearing it every day for a week in Deer Valley in 3 weeks. Thanks again for the help and for the personal attention. It was noticed and appreciated in this cyber world we live in. I will definitely be checking you guys first in the future.
- Doug

Dear Clear Water Outdoor Staff, THANKS!! Wow, I really needed to replace my worn out trail running shoes and started the on-line search. Such luck to snatch your last pair of these GTX Montrail mountain shoes. I ran in Montrails a few pairs back, so I knew it was a safe bet. What a joy to put on shoes that immediately feel like heaven! They look so much more inviting than my worn out/smelly/not the greatest pair. These arrived so quickly, I am happy to give you my business. My black lab thanks you even more! She loves our daily runs on the trails. Outdoors is the place to be! Keep up your good works,
- Best Regards, Deborah

Thanks for the personal note with my new KSOs! Happy to shop from the home state of Bon Iver :) Aloha!
- Rachel

Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! Clear Water is my favorite store ... I really appreciate all your help. Thank you
- Julie

I don't know your company very well. To be completely frank, the only reason I was even able to find it was because that a Google search indicated that your firm was the lowest cost provider of a product that I was seeking. If I can ever patronize your organization again, I will do so. I will also tell each and every person that I know about the note you left for me on the package I received today (see attached). I don't know what else to say other than thank you. I wish you all the best.
- Angelo

Hello Kellie & Brian K. Thank you so much for your effort trying to fix my mistake. Luckily John caught the post man and I got my beautiful Patagonia jacket with such a good price! I was so excited to find the jacket in black which is never on sale, so I typed my shipping address too fast. I am very impressed with your service and will be a loyal customer.
Thanks, Min

I found an amazing deal on a pair Vibram five fingers I wanted. I found them here for almost 40% off, and still qualified for free shipping! On top of that, I hand personalized hand written notes on my box saying "GO HOKIES!" - great experience I will buy from here again.
Thanks, Christian

Your store's web site and customer service makes want to move to Wisconsin! Thanks for making me smile too. I'm looking forward to using my coupon! Thanks again.
- Elisabeth

I love this store! They have a great and helpful staff. Love the fact that they carry Vibram Five Finger shoes. My boyfriend and I are regulars at this store and they know our names and what we look for. Great place for a local out doors store!
- Kristin W. South Carolina

Just wanted you to know that the Current Designs Vision 150 made its maiden voyage this morning on Lake Josephine in Roseville, Minnesota. What a nice boat! Thank you.
- Diane

Thank you soo much for being so prompt & courteous. It is a pleasure to do business with your company. Everyone there is always so nice, upbeat & helpful. I look forward to visiting the store everytime we are in Lake Geneva.
- Richard, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for the hand written "thank you" in my order when I purchased my 5 Fingers Shoes! That is the best Costumer Service in my book!! I have spread the word of your store throughout my YMCA! Thank you so much!
Melissa - YMCA Of The Northwoods Aquatics Director

I just wanted to say thanks again to Shawn, Nate, and Brian for helping me out with my online order (of Icebreakers). They held the items promptly for me, and even went to the post office to consider shipping options. Anyway, I placed the order yesterday, got the 2 day shipping, and received! Thanks again for the help and great customer service. I'll look to order from you guys again sometime! Thanks again,
Stuart - Birmingham, AL

Just received the order yesterday; thanks for the lovely note! FYI, whenever people ask about the VFFs I'm wearing I always refer them to your store. Meanwhile, I'm definitely enjoying the Sprints I got last week; I wear them every day. I've noticed a difference in how my knees feel, which is a definite plus. Thanks again for all your help!
- Cynthia

I just wanted to send along a thank you to the staff at CWO. The customer service is exceptional. When I received my shoes there was a handwritten note enclosed which was such a refreshing touch. Brian went above and beyond to help me with my purchase. I look forward to doing business online with them in the future! Thanks again!
- Beth

I just got the shoes and my boyfriend absolutely loves them- thanks for giving such great service!
- Kelly

The attentiveness shown by your customer service department will definitely make me a repeat customer.
Thanks For Everything, Tyler

Dear Clear Water Outdoor, I just received my Kelty Light Year 40 Down Sleeping Bag. Such quick shipping! Such a nice note enclosed! Just wanted to say thanks for such a great experience, I can't wait to get out and use my bag. I "bookmarked" your webpage and will surely buy from you again when I have the need. And if I'm ever in Lake Geneva, I'll definitely drop by the store. Thanks again! Stores like yours are unfortunately uncommon, and each one is greatly appreciated.
All The Very Best, Trevor, San Francisco

I just wanted to thank you guys for being awesome and getting me my vibrams so quickly! The shipping staff even included a handwritten note wishing that Alaska would warm up soon so that I could enjoy the outdoors. That was adorable and definitely showed a commitment to amazing customer service. I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future!
- Shelly

Yesterday I was at the ClearWater Outdoor store in Lake Geneva and was helped by an employee named Dan who I would like to recognize as an exceptional employee. Dan was extremely helpful in helping me find the right pair of Vibram Shoes. As he was patient in me trying on pair after pair, he continually made suggestions based on what I liked until I found the right pair. He also very tactfully directed me to the men's shoes without making me feel insulted as a female with big feet. All this being said, this did not distract him from helping other customers in the store, which were quite a few. Kudos to Dan for making my experience at Clear Water Outdoor a good one! Best of Luck!

Amazing Service. Super fast shipment. and it was such a pleasant surprise to find a hand written note! You guys are Great!!!
- Katya

I received my order today and wish to thank you for the fast delivery. I'm thrilled with my new Ibex woolies. Your personal note is a nice touch. I found you by googling the item I was looking for and you beat the Ibex website price. I support small business and family farms. I will keep your company in my bookmarks.
Sincerely, Dawn

Called the store and spoke with Luke. He was really friendly and very informative. Provided info on a few types of 5 fingers and asked questions to help me determine what model I needed. Also provided some pointers as I was using the website, and even grabbed the shoes and handed them off to shipping all while I was on the phone. Great experience!
Live In Joy, Mike

BK & CWO Staff, I just got my new Salomon boots and they are perfect! Wonderful dealing with you. I found you on the web shopping on Google, but I went to your website to see who I was dealing with as I had never heard of you. I found what seemed to be a very warm and sincere bunch of people. All of your transaction was very professional and your communication was very good. Thank you so much. I will bookmark your site and keep you in mind for future outdoor gear shopping.
Best Wishes. Chris

Everything seems to be in order. I will be sending the boots back as soon as possible. Thank you for your help and understanding. I appreciate the way everything has been handled, A+ for customer service.
- Ryan

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. I received my Marmot Milo jacket yesterday and I LOVE it, it is exactly what I was looking for and you offered the best price. I always try and shop locally, but was just as happy to purchase it from you, as you are a local store-just not my local :-). Thank you. I will continue to come back to your site for additional purchases so I can still support a local shop.
- Sarah

Thanks for the great deal on the Patagonia parka! Fantastic price on an expensive item. I love the note you included in the package and that your mission is to get people active and outside -- love it. I'm a fan and am spreading the world about you to other outdoor fanatics like myself.
- Kate

Thanks so much for the great service!
- Deanna

I just received the pants I ordered and they are awesome. Thanks for the super fast shipping and nice handwritten note with my invoice. I'll definitely buy from you again and recommend you to my friends. Happy New Year!
- Elisabeth

Hi I just wanted to say thank you and what great service you have! I ordered a pair of Vibrum 5 finger shoes as a Christmas present online yesterday at around 3 pm and just received them! That is almost faster than Jimmy Johns!!! I can't wait for my sister to get them! There is a chance that I picked out the wrong color for her but if so then I'm sure she'll be more than happy to go into your great store and pick out the perfect ones. I really appreciate your fast easy and friendly service. Thank you! Extremely Satisfied Christmas Shopper!
- Ellie

I never write reviews -- but I had to after the excellent experience I had ordering from Clear Water Outdoor. The fastest shipment, nicest people (on the phone and email) and I even got a handwritten note with my order. Even though I live in NY, I will look here when I need something they carry!
- Shirin Of New York, NY

Just wanted to say thanks for getting my Vibram FiveFingers to me so quickly! I ordered them Monday morning (well my boyfriend ordered them), and they were here Tuesday! I looked at a lot of other websites before yours but they were mostly backordered, but not you! Thanks so much! They fit great, I already love them!
- Meghan M Malon

Greetings to all from central Georgia, wanted to let you know that I received the Perception Tribute 14 on Tuesday from the trucking company. I had purchased the boat for my wife. I wanted all of you to know that we really appreciated all the fine comments that you had written on the bubble wrap. My wife really likes the color of the boat and it fits her wonderfully. On Mother’s Day we went on a trip with the Georgia Canoe Assoc. to a state park and paddled around the lake and up a short creek. Since this is her first boat I wanted you to know that she did exceptionally well, especially up the creek maneuvering around the deadfall. Thanks for the great service.
- Ralph D. Bartow Jr.

Special thanks to Kellie who tried on my motion jacket for me to help me decide which size (you were right, & it fits like a glove) took my order, got it in the mail & I recieved it today already!! I am very happy with my jacket & even more delighted with the sevice I recieved - Kellie's bosses should probably give her a bonus:) I've already told all my friends how great she was & how wonderful your site is. Thanks, warm in my new jacket.
- Kris Campbell

What a great idea to offer rock climbing! My seven yr. old son and I had our first rock wall climbing experience this past summer at day camp through the Boy Scouts. I only did it once and boy was I exhausted and muscles that I didn't know of came to life! It was great! Monday nights are perfect for my son and I. I am sure my sister and her daughter would also be interested. Thanks!
- N.M.

Dear CWO, thank you very very much to the lady that stayed open past the closing time on 1/05 so I could buy the ski socks my son needed today. Your eye-catching business card brought me to your website. Thumbs up on the website. Looking forward to seeing the info on rentals and lessons. I also must comment on how friendly and courteous the employees are at your store. I have been there several times and have always had a positive experience. Even my mom mentioned it her first time there! Thanks!
- Nellie Madrigal

Hi, thanks for the friendly email. I really appreciate the update and I look forward to doing business with you again!
- April Campise

Hi Laura, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you very much to you and your staff for sending me the Turkey Trot race bag and shirt! I truly appreciate it! I cannot believe how quickly it arrived to my house! The shirt is very nice; thank you for sending it to me. Also, I am so happy that I received the entire race bag as well.

I want to let you know that the woman I spoke to on the phone when I was paying for the shipping with my credit card was VERY nice and helpful!! I believe her name is Kellie; unfortunately, I do not know for sure. Her kindness and excellent customer service means so much to me! If you do not mind passing along my sincere thank you to her, I would really appreciate it. Hopefully we can make it out to an event next year! Thanks so much for including the 2011 event schedule in the bag!
All The Best, Jennifer